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Hambledon At Play
 After our September exhibition we thought - What next? We have captured images
and stories about our farms, our transport and our  shops and businesses. The WI 100th Anniversary prompted us to think about what our village community did and does together in its spare time.
In a quick brainstorm we listed nearly fifty sports, hobbies and leisure activities - so our new
focus is Hambledon at play. Of course, we have lots of pictures of cricket though not many like
the picture on this page from the early 1900s featuring 'Wives of Cricket'.
 We are fortunate to have pictures of village pageants celebrating national events from the early
c20th onwards. Our village magazine has been running in one form or another since 1897 and
captures the activities of our societies and Sports Teams but until the 1990s there were no
accompanying pictures
 Now, to provide an incentive for you to delve into your forgotten photo albums and staches, we
are offering a prize to the person who sends us photo(s) capturing the essence of Hambledonians
at Play. These can be from any era and of any activity- its just as important that we capture
the spirit of Hambledon now for future generations to look at. And it does not have to be sporting -
we love this late 1950s picture of Richard Talling and Roger Humphries passing the time in the
Knight's Corner cafe with its juke box.
We do wish you a very happy Christmas - what better way to spend your holiday!
Please contact the webmaster about photos you would like to enter.